All of our kitchens are made by hand with the assistance of basic powered tools, there is no mass production or automated construction. The sawn planking comes in one door and the finished product goes out the other. We do not subcontract our work nor do we use mass produced items from far away countries. The timber is carefully selected bearing in mind moisture content, colouring, character and sustainability.

As our kitchens are made of natural wood for this reason there can be some movement in the wood which we make allowances for after the kitchen has settled down in its new home. An old Farmhouse or Cottage with limited damp proofing may experience some expansion in the wood while a modern insulated house or a room fitted with under floor heating may experience some contraction in the wood. Our after sales service is always available to fine tune your kitchen.

All of our cabinet makers have been fully trained on the job or at college and do the work because they very much enjoy working with wood and producing furniture and kitchens that are long lasting, pleasant to use and increase the value and atmosphere of clients homes.

Customers are always most welcome to visit our workshop, enjoy a cup off coffee, discuss there ideas, inspect our workmanship and follow the progress of there furniture.